Stop Motion Video: “Coronavirus”

Ms 6yo and Ms 10yo made this stop motion video today. Because Eric is a scientist and has studied viruses, many of our conversations these days are about the SARS-CoV-2 (corona) virus. Obviously, as homeschoolers, not much about our day-to-day changes with something like this. A few things have been canceled, which disappoints the girls, so we are trying to help keep things in perspective. They know that children (who otherwise are not immune-compromised or in certain risk groups) aren’t as impacted as the elderly. And we try to explain that by not participating in certain activities, by “socially distancing” ourselves, we are trying to limit the possibility that we carry the virus to others. This article here explains a bit about how this particular SARS-CoV-2 virus seems to be most contagious before symptoms ever appear and this, in part, explains how it is spreading so rapidly.

As they were making this video, I overheard the two of them chat a bit about the virus and the fears and concerns they had. (Yes, they talked about dying. Briefly.) Learning about something — and talking about it with a trusted companion — seems to take away some of the anxiety around it. And certainly, I am noticing how the act of creating something — even in the absence of a companion to talk about and give voice to anxieties and worries — is therapeutic in a way. Unlike creating a stop motion video that is sort of a public service announcement, knitting certainly has very little to do with this current virus, but I still find myself doing it — as if participating in something (anything!) creative gives me much-needed perspective in these unusual times.

3 thoughts on “Stop Motion Video: “Coronavirus”

  1. Suddenly, so many people now ‘working from home’ will be spending time not alone,
    but with their partners and possibly their children. Even my husband’s regular days at head office are now suspended, by order. Not Covid-19, of course, but my masters ( MSc ) was on the economic and social consequences of pandemic. The reality is still strange – but the immediate impact for our family has been quite positive, more emails, and consultations about supporting the most vulnerable members of the family.
    Church ? Tricky. Today, we’ll attend the funeral of a much loved and very old resident of our tiny village.
    Social distancing, in a church ?


    1. Wow! This is your area of expertise! I’m so grateful in this time that there are people like you who have already considered this issues. It really is a comfort to know that many great minds have already been preparing for this. And it’s beautiful that you are seeing the positive outcomes. This feels like an opportunity for me to really live in and appreciate all the ways to communicate with loved ones these days. I remember, even within my relatively short lifetime, the pale blue, feather weight airmail stationary that folded itself into an envelope to reduce bulk. Even with all the charming ingenuity that went into airmail, they still took a few weeks to reach family on the other side of the world. And the long delays and pauses in telephone conversations as our voices travelled over land and under sea to reach each other. It’s remarkable that I can video chat with family all over the world now …. and that I get to have lovely exchanges with you. Even my imagination surely falls short when I consider what my children will experience.


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