Homeschool FAQs: How else do you teach math?

We like Borenson’s Hands-on Equations for 9yoA. And she seems to enjoy it too. While we encourage her to do one page a day of work from this set, it doesn’t always work out that way. But she has been able to do basic algebra using this system and has been moving into working with negative numbers. There’s a certain elegance to the system and it’s a nice way to visualize how to balance an equation and solve for a single variable. From time to time, Eric and I insert our own explanations here and there to point out, for example, “order of operations” and to help her learn some math “vocabulary” but this system can be very self directed and it’s fairly intuitive. We highly recommend it for both kids learning algebraic concepts for the first time and even adults who don’t feel like they nailed it on the first go around.

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